Ultimate3 WSPR transmitter kit

I have built the WSPR kit that I purchased from the Net – it is working and my signal is being picked up by WSPR trackers in a 500 mile radius on 40m. I expect that to improve tonight. The kit was fairly advanced for me but I am (was) a beginner before this kit – I think my next kit will be a lot cleaner. In any case it works.

It has a great LED display, many modes (WSPR, CW, QRSS, FSK, Hellschreiber), and even an optional GPS module for WSPR. I built it in 3 sessions of about 1.5 hours each. It is fun, including winding some toroids.

He is shipping a new kit since I bought mine (of course) with some more features:

At $29 it is a steal, and the build documentation is very good.

It would be nice to design a case for it (and build on the 3d printer?) as it does not have one now.