Yaesu FT-818 station for sale

I am the second owner of this gear, and have hardly used it due to time constraints.   I have verified that it is working and made QSOs on both SSB and CW with it.  This is a complete shack – everything is here to get on the air portable an start operating SOTA, POTA, or from home.  This radio is also a general coverage receiver so you can listen to shortwave radio on it.  I am including a 10 meter dipole antenna that I cut myself (verified working – I used this antenna to make an SSB QSO with 76QM in Malawi from my backyard)  with insulator and 25′ of RG8X coax terminated in BNC (brand new) to make this a complete station – everything you need to get on the air is here.  This radio also operates on VHF and UHF, so you can connect to local repeaters as well using the included whip antenna.

Yaesu FT-818 6-watt Transceiver
FT-818 Radio with rails, LIPO battery, DSP filter and rail kit installed

  • Stock MH-31 hand microphone with mic clip
  • Stock Ni-MH battery pack and battery cover
  • FBA-28 AA battery holder for alkaline battery operation
  • YHA-63 whip antenna for 50/144/430 Mhz
  • Manual
  • Yaesu sticker
  • Stock antenna
  • $649 new at DX Engineering

Read K3SWL’s great post about using this radio for SOTA and POTA operations.

The enduring Yaesu FT-817 and FT-818 series transceivers


LDG Electronics Z-817 Automatic Antenna Tuners Z-817

Includes CAT control cable and coax patch cable to connect to radio.
$139 new at DX Engineering

PORTABLE ZERO 817escort rail kit

This kit includes protective rails and a folding bail stand.
$87 shipped from Portable Zero

Windcamp LIPO Battery, charge hatch, and charger

Unlike the stock battery, the Windcamp battery provdes enough voltage for full QRP power (6 watts) on battery.
$79 shipped from eBay

SOTABeams LASERBEAM-817 Audio Filter Module

This filter module was installed by the original owner and greatly improves on the performance of the stock ceramic SSB filter. The installation requires moving the speaker, leaving two chassis screws displaced, and the screw holes are covered with gaffer tape.
$59 new from DXEngineering

SOTAbeams DC Powerpole Adapter

This nifty device converts the barrel connector to a Anderson powerpole, the accepted standard for ham radio operator power connections.
$37 shipped from DXEnginnering

SOTABeams Speech Compressor for FT-817, 818 (unbuilt)

$55 new from DXEngineering

This station would be $1150 if you put it together new.

Asking $700.

Glad to meet and put it on the air.

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